Specific detection of three Torradovirus species with digoxigen-labeled probes

  title={Specific detection of three Torradovirus species with digoxigen-labeled probes},
  author={Dorivaldo Marques da Silva Junior and Inmaculada Ferriol and Bryce W. Falk},
  journal={BMC Proceedings},
  pages={P125 - P125}
Background Torradoviruses are an emerging group of picorna-like plant virus from the family Secoviridae that infect tomato and other Solanaceae species. The genus Torradovirus include four species: Tomato torrado virus (ToTV), first found in Europe, and afterward in Central America and Australia; Tomato apex necrosis virus (ToANV), present in Mexico; Tomato chocolate spot virus (ToChSV) and Tomato chocolate virus (ToChV), both found in Guatemala. The symptoms caused by these viruses include… Expand


Two generic PCR primer sets for the detection of members of the genus Torradovirus.
Two degenerate primer pairs were designed for the universal detection of members of the genus Torradovirus and can be deployed for the detection of all currently known torradoviruses and possibly for the Detection of new members of this group. Expand
Epidemics of Tomato torrado virus, Pepino mosaic virus and Tomato chlorosis virus in tomato crops: do mixed infections contribute to torrado disease epidemiology?
ToTV and PepMV mixed infections may modulate the epidemiology of both viruses in a complex way by altering virus fitness, and appear to be virus and strain specific. Expand
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