Specific biotinylation and sensitive enrichment of citrullinated peptides.

  title={Specific biotinylation and sensitive enrichment of citrullinated peptides.},
  author={Astrid Elisabeth Voorham Tutturen and Anders Holm and Burkhard Fleckenstein},
  journal={Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry},
  volume={405 29},
Protein citrullination is a posttranslational modification where peptidylarginine is enzymatically deiminated to form peptidylcitrulline. Although the role of protein citrullination in both health and disease is being increasingly recognised, techniques available to identify citrullinated proteins and to map their citrullination site(s) are rare and often show poor sensitivity. Here, we present a sensitive technique for specific modification and selective enrichment of citrullinated peptides… CONTINUE READING