Specific and redundant roles of Src and Fyn in organizing the cytoskeleton

  title={Specific and redundant roles of Src and Fyn in organizing the cytoskeleton},
  author={Sheila M. Thomas and Philippe Soriano and Akira Imamoto},
MOUSE embryos lacking Csk, a negative regulator of Src family kinases, exhibit defects in neurulation and die at mid-gestation1,2. To determine the role of activated Src family kinases in the cská¤- phenotype, we have introduced mutations in the src and fyn genes3,4 into the cská¤- mutant background. Genetic analysis reveals that src, but not fyn, is partly epistatic to the csk gene. Biochemical analysis indicates that several cytoskeletal proteins are hyperphosphorylated on tyrosine residues… CONTINUE READING
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