Specific TP53 mutation pattern in radiation-induced sarcomas.

  title={Specific TP53 mutation pattern in radiation-induced sarcomas.},
  author={Nathalie Gonin-Laurent and Anne Gibaud and Mathilde Huygue and Sandrine H Lef{\`e}vre and Morgane Le Bras and Laurent Chauveinc and Xavier X Sastre-Garau and François Doz and Livia Lumbroso and Sylvie Chevillard and Bernard Malfoy},
  volume={27 6},
The mutagenic properties of ionizing radiation are well known, but the presence of specific mutations in human radiation-induced tumours is not established. We have studied a series of 36 secondary sarcomas arising in the irradiation field of a primary tumour following radiotherapy. The allelic status and the presence of mutations of the TP53 gene were investigated. The mutation pattern was compared with data from sporadic sarcomas recorded in the IARC TP53 somatic mutations database. A high… CONTINUE READING


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