Specific IgE antibodies to platinum salts in sensitized workers.

  title={Specific IgE antibodies to platinum salts in sensitized workers.},
  author={Oliver Cromwell and J Pepys and W. E. Parish and Edward G. Hughes},
  journal={Clinical allergy},
  volume={9 2},
A RAST has been developed for the measurement of IgE antibodies specific to platinum chloride complexes in sensitized workers. Human serum albumin covalently linked to Sepharose beads by the cyanogen bromide method was reacted with ammonium tetrachloroplatinite (II) (NH4)2PtCl4. This conjugate was more suitable for the RAST, than conjugates of HSA and the platinum salt prepared in solution and then linked to the activated Sepharose, showing better sensitivity and giving lower levels of non… CONTINUE READING
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