Species-specific response to human infant faces in the premotor cortex

  title={Species-specific response to human infant faces in the premotor cortex},
  author={Andrea Caria and Simona de Falco and Paola Venuti and Sangkyun Lee and Gianluca Esposito and Paola Rigo and Niels Birbaumer and Marc H. Bornstein},
  volume={60 2},
The human infant face represents an essential source of communicative signals on the basis of which adults modulate their interactions with infants. Behavioral studies demonstrate that infants' faces activate sensitive and attuned responses in adults through their gaze, face expression, voice, and gesture. In this study we aimed to identify brain responses that underlie adults' general propensity to respond to infant faces. We recorded fMRI during adults' (non-parents) processing of unfamiliar… CONTINUE READING