Species-specific identification of human adenoviruses by a multiplex PCR assay.

  title={Species-specific identification of human adenoviruses by a multiplex PCR assay.},
  author={Wanhong Xu and Molly McDonough and Dean D Erdman},
  journal={Journal of clinical microbiology},
  volume={38 11},
A multiplex PCR assay was developed by using primers to the fiber gene that could differentiate human adenovirus (Ad) species A through F in a single amplification reaction. The assay correctly identified the species of all 49 recognized Ad prototype strains as well as 180 geographically and temporally diverse Ad field isolates. Ad serotype 6 (Ad6) (species C), Ad16 (species B), Ad31 (species A), and Ad40 and Ad41 (species F) could also be distinguished by amplicon size within each respective… CONTINUE READING

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