Species-related pharmacological heterogeneity of histamine H(3) receptors.

  title={Species-related pharmacological heterogeneity of histamine H(3) receptors.},
  author={Lynne Ireland-Denny and Ashutosh S Parihar and Thomas R Miller and Chae Hee Kang and Kathleen M. Krueger and Timothy A. Esbenshade and Arthur A. Hancock},
  journal={European journal of pharmacology},
  volume={433 2-3},
We compared radioligand binding and functional data for histamine H(3) receptor ligands across different tissues or species to evaluate the basis for pharmacological evidence of receptor heterogeneity previously reported. Agonist binding affinities showed correlation coefficients near unity in comparing human, dog, rat, and guinea pig cerebral cortical histamine H(3) receptors. Antagonist binding affinities revealed lower correlations for human compared to dog, rat, or guinea pig, suggesting… CONTINUE READING