Species delimitation in the Drosophila aldrichi subcluster ( Diptera : Drosophilidae ) using DNA sequences

  title={Species delimitation in the Drosophila aldrichi subcluster ( Diptera : Drosophilidae ) using DNA sequences},
  author={D C S G Oliveira and MELISSA LEONIDAS and William J. Etges and Patrick Michael O’Grady and Robert DeSalle},
DNA sequence data has been successfully used to verify current species-level taxonomic hypotheses based on morphology and other characters. Setting species boundaries in the Drosophila repleta group has been challenging because this group contains several cryptic taxa and morphologically polymorphic populations. Mitochondrial (cox1 and nad2) and nuclear (sina and Marf) genes were employed to assess species limits for two traditionally recognized, closely related, and taxonomically problematical… CONTINUE READING
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