Species Composition of Odonate Fauna in Meegahawatta, a Wetland Area in Hanwella, Sri Lanka

  title={Species Composition of Odonate Fauna in Meegahawatta, a Wetland Area in Hanwella, Sri Lanka},
  author={M.D.H. Lankika and M. Karunaratne and K. Conniff},
  journal={Journal of Tropical Forestry},
Approximately 120 species of Odonata (Zygoptera and Anisoptera) have been recorded in SriLanka to date. There are many gaps in our knowledge of Odonata taxonomy and distribution. The presentstudy, therefore, was carried out to investigate adult Odonata species present in Meegahawatta area(1000m2) in Hanwella. The study was carried out using two fixed quadrats (20m x 10m) randomlyestablished in two selected sites. Total number of individuals belonging to each species was countedfortnightly by… Expand

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