Species Classification of Aquatic Plants using GRNN and ANFIS

  title={Species Classification of Aquatic Plants using GRNN and ANFIS},
  author={S. Abirami and Vennila Ramalingam and Hanife Kebapci and Berrin Yanikoglu and Gozde Unal and Lei Zhang and Jun Kong and Xiaoyun Zeng and Jiayue Ren and S. Bama and S Valli and Sangameswara Raju and Norma Jean Venable and Jiazhi Pan and Yining Deng and David R. Martin and Charless C. Fowlkes},
This work presents a method for plant species identification using the images of flowers. It focuses on the stable features of flowers such as color, texture and shape. K-means clustering is used to extract the color features. Texture segmentation is done using texture filters. Edge detectors are used to trace the boundary of the image and hence the shape… CONTINUE READING