Speciation and phylogeography in the cosmopolitan marine moon jelly, Aurelia sp

  title={Speciation and phylogeography in the cosmopolitan marine moon jelly, Aurelia sp},
  author={Werner Schroth and Gerhard Jarms and B. Streit and B. Schierwater},
  journal={BMC Evolutionary Biology},
  pages={1 - 1}
The cosmopolitan moon jelly Aurelia is characterized by high degrees of morphological and ecological plasticity, and subsequently by an unclear taxonomic status. The latter has been revised repeatedly over the last century, dividing the genus Aurelia in as many as 12 or as little as two species. We used molecular data and phenotypic traits to unravel speciation processes and phylogeographic patterns in Aurelia. Mitochondrial and nuclear DNA data (16S and ITS-1/5.8S rDNA) from 66 world-wide… CONTINUE READING
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