Special fibers of Néron models and wild ramification

  title={Special fibers of N{\'e}ron models and wild ramification},
  author={Qing Liu and Dino J. Lorenzini},
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This mistake in [B-X] was first noted by Chai in [1], Remark 4.8 (2). Chai then notes that he was informed by Bosch that the mistake does not affect any other subsequent results in [B-X]. Our aim in this note is to carefully go through the proof of Proposition 1.8 in [2] and detail what results of [B-X] we use, so that the careful reader will be convinced that the proof of Proposition 1.8 is complete, and is not affected by the mistake in [B-X]. The comments on our original proof are in italic. 
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Special fibers of Néron models and wild ramification
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