Special feature: Tutorial. Principles and instrumentation in time‐of‐flight mass spectrometry. Physical and instrumental concepts

  title={Special feature: Tutorial. Principles and instrumentation in time‐of‐flight mass spectrometry. Physical and instrumental concepts},
  author={Michael Guilhaus},
  journal={Journal of Mass Spectrometry},
  • M. Guilhaus
  • Published 1995
  • Chemistry
  • Journal of Mass Spectrometry
The principles of time-of-flight mass spectrometry (TOFMS) are described with a view to understanding the strengths and weaknesses of this method of mass analysis in the context of current applications of mass spectrometry and the more familiar scanning instruments. Fundamental and instrumental factors affecting resolving power, sensitivity and speed are examined. Methods of gating ion populations and the special requirements in the detection and digitisation of the signals in the TOFMS… Expand
Time-of-flight instruments form a well-established group of mass spectrometers, with its popularity still increasing. Methods of gating ion populations and the special requirements in the detectionExpand
Orthogonal acceleration time-of-flight mass spectrometry.
The principles and applications of time-of-flight mass spectrometry involving instruments with independent (orthogonal) axes for ion generation and mass analysis are reviewed. This approach,Expand
In pursuit of resolution in time-of-flight mass spectrometry: A historical perspective.
Time-of-flight mass spectrometry is reviewed from its inception in the 1940s to the present day and of ion sources to the extent that sources influence analyzers. Expand
Essential elements of time-of-flight mass spectrometry in combination with the inductively coupled plasma ion source
Abstract Time-of-flight mass spectrometry (TOFMS) is once again an important method of mass analysis. Commercial ICP-MS instruments with TOF mass analyzers have recently become available and thisExpand
Chapter Two - Recent Developments in Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry
Abstract In order to detect different substances present in a sample, mass spectrometry is an important option that can be used to answer that question. Thus this method is a standard technique inExpand
An overview of analytical applications of time of flight-mass spectrometric (TOF-MS) analyzers and an inductively coupled plasma-TOF-MS technique.
  • M. Balcerzak
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Analytical sciences : the international journal of the Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry
  • 2003
The performance of time-of-flight mass spectrometry combined with an inductively coupled plasma (ICP) ion source is discussed in detail and the advantages of TOF-MS detectors over the quadrupole mass filters for multi-elemental analysis of fast transient signals are discussed. Expand
Mass analyzers for inductively coupled plasma time-of-flight mass spectrometry
The use of a time-of-flight mass analyzer for inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry is examined, with emphasis placed on the attributes of the different instrument geometries that have beenExpand
Continuous two-channel time-of-flight mass spectrometric detection of electrosprayed ions.
Time-of-flight mass spectrometry seems to be an ideal detector for fast separations of analytes with a broad range of molecular weights, but the pulsed nature of TOFMS yields inherent losses when analyzing ions emerging from continuous ion sources. Expand
Time-of-flight mass spectrometry: Introduction to the basics.
  • U. Boesl
  • Mathematics, Medicine
  • Mass spectrometry reviews
  • 2017
Basic formulas are presented and discussed with the focus on understanding the physical relations of geometric and electric parameters, initial distribution of ionic parameters, ion flight times, and ion flight time incertitude. Expand
Performance evaluation of a prototype multi-bounce time-of-flight mass spectrometer in linear mode and applications in space science
Abstract Mass spectrometry is a powerful tool to measure the composition of volatile and semi volatile gases. The necessity to accurately identify and quantify unknown species lead to theExpand


Time of flight mass spectrometry
Time-of-flight mass spectrometry (TOF MS) was developed in the late 1940’s, but until the 1990’s its popularity was limited. Recent improvements in TOF technology, including orthogonal acceleration,Expand
Orthogonal acceleration — a new direction for time-of-flight mass spectrometry: Fast, sensitive mass analysis for continuous ion sources
Abstract The current renaissance of time-of-flight mass spectrometry involves mainly pulsed laser ion sources. In the mainstream of mass spectrometry where continuous ion sources are used, problemsExpand
Energy Resolution of the Conventional Time‐of‐Flight Mass Spectrometer
The resolutions of time‐of‐flight (TOF) mass spectrometers using multiple acceleration are compared with respect to their ability to compensate for initial ion velocities while operating in the spaceExpand
Beam deflection for temporal encoding in time-of-flight mass spectrometry
Theoretical and experimental aspects of beam deflection techniques, which provide time encoding for TOFJMS with continuous ions sources, are explored here, and the capabilities of this system are compared to those of scanning mass spectrometers. Expand
A new type of ion gun is described which greatly improves the resolution of a nonmagnetic time‐of‐flight mass spectrometer. The focusing action of this gun is discussed and analyzed mathematically.Expand
Plasma source atmospheric pressure ionization detection of liquid injection using an ion trap storage/reflectron time-of-flight mass spectrometer
In this work, the capabilities of an ion trap storage/reflectron time-of-flight mass spectrometer (IT/reTOF-MS) combination have been explored for detection of ions generated by liquid injection intoExpand
An electron impact storage ion source for time-of-flight mass spectrometers
Abstract An electron impact ion source is described that produces ions continuously, stores them and releases them in bursts of about 10 ns duration. The source is well adapted to a time-of-flightExpand
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