Special edition: Voices in a Positive Light

  title={Special edition: Voices in a Positive Light},
  author={Angela Woods and M. A. J. Romme and Simon McCarthy-Jones and Sandra Escher and Jacqui Dillon},
  pages={213 - 215}
What does it mean to think of voices “in a positive light”? For the contributors to this second special edition of Psychosis, research into voice-hearing is inspiring in a myriad of ways – it offers new insights into the human condition, new methodologies for understanding and making sense of experience, and new approaches to working with voice-hearers in ways which are respectful, collaborative and even emancipatory. This special issue, “Voices in a Positive Light”, challenges any model which… 
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Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Phenomenology of Auditory Verbal Hallucinations
It is argued that an interdisciplinary approach to the phenomenology of AVH can nourish the ethical core of scientific enquiry by challenging its interpretive paradigms, and offer voice hearers richer, potentially more empowering ways to make sense of their experiences.
"No-one's ever asked me before" : on analysing subjective accounts of hearing voices and person-centred therapy
There has been considerable debate about the value of psychological therapies for voice hearers who suffer such distress that they seek psychiatric help. To date, however, the utility of
The hearing voices network: initial lessons and future directions for mental health professionals and Systems of Care
An overview of the HVN is presented, including its history, principles and approaches, and its potential contribution to the transformation of mental health care is discussed.
“Did I push myself over the edge?”: Complications of agency in psychosis onset and development
Objective: To investigate the subjective experience of agency in the onset and early development of psychosis. Method: We conducted 19 in-depth interviews with a sample of individuals with
What will it take for recovery to flourish in Hong Kong?
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The primarily linear notion of mental stability that currently guides practice may need to be reconsidered in the face of evidence which suggests that recovery is a non-linear path that involves hard work both on the part of the individual as well as the family.
Global Mental Health and Psychopharmacology in Precarious Ecologies: Anthropological Considerations for Engagement and Efficacy
Contrary to common assumptions, treatments that use psychopharmaceuticals require thorough cultural consideration just as psychosocial interventions do. Current efforts to “scale up” global mental


Making sense of the voices.
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Slade's explanatory model is used as a framework for exploring interventions which may assist people in exerting some control over the experience and which might be used alongside pharmacological interventions.
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