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Special Values of Zeta Functions of Schemes

  title={Special Values of Zeta Functions of Schemes},
  author={Stephen Lichtenbaum},
  journal={arXiv: Algebraic Geometry},
  • S. Lichtenbaum
  • Published 31 March 2017
  • Mathematics
  • arXiv: Algebraic Geometry
Let X be a regular scheme, projective and flat over Spec \mathbb Z. We give two conjectural formulas, up to sign and powers of 2, for \zeta^*(X,r), the leading term in the series expansion of \zeta(X,s) at s=r. The first formula builds on work of Fontaine and Perrin-Riou replacing \mathbb Q_structuers by \mathbb Z-structures, and the second is a very simple formula in terms of the Euler characteristic of a certain complex of sheaves in a hypothetical Weil-etale Grothendieck topology. A… 

Weil-\'etale cohomology and zeta-values of arithmetic schemes at negative integers

Following the ideas of Flach and Morin [11], we state a conjecture in terms of Weil-étale cohomology for the vanishing order and special value of the zeta function ζ(X, s) at s = n < 0, where X is a

Weil-étale cohomology for arbitrary arithmetic schemes and n < 0 . Part II : The special value conjecture

Following the ideas of Flach and Morin [FM2018], we state a conjecture in terms of Weil-étale cohomology for the vanishing order and special value of the zeta function ζ(X, s) at s = n < 0, where X

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Let X be an arithmetic scheme (i.e., separated, of finite type over SpecZ) of Krull dimension 1. For the associated zeta function ζ(X, s), we write down a formula for the special value at s = n < 0

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We construct the Weil-\'etale cohomology and Euler characteristics for a subclass of the class of $\mathbb{Z}$-constructible sheaves on the spectrum of the ring of integers of a totally imaginary




Lichtenbaum conjectured in (22) the existence of a Weil-etale cohomology in order to describe the vanishing order and the special value of the Zeta function of an arithmetic scheme X at s = 0 in

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There should be a Grothendieck topology for an arithmetic scheme X such that the Euler characteristic of the cohomology groups of the constant sheaf Z with compact support at infinity gives, up to

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We give a survey of the equivariant Tamagawa number (a.k.a. Bloch-Kato) conjecture with particular emphasis on proven cases. The only new result is a proof of the 2-primary part of this conjecture

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