Special Tutorial: Introduction to LSI Microprocessor Developments

  title={Special Tutorial: Introduction to LSI Microprocessor Developments},
  author={A. O. Williman and H. J. Jelinek},
In its constant endeavor to increase the number of functions per semiconductor device, the semiconductor industry has focused continual effort on developing new semiconductor processes and photolithographic technologies and on compressing smaller geometries onto increasingly larger silicon chip areas. The result is that the number of functions (components per chip) is approximately doubling every year while the cost per function is decreasing. A byproduct of these improvements is increased… 

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Current state of microprocessors

  • M. Tsuchiya
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A typical signal processor design example incorporating such devices is presented in detail and a functional block design aspect of VLSI coupled with Very Large Scale Integrated Circuits (VHSIC) that promises to revolutionize signal processing hardware is reviewed.

Non-linear aspects and selection of microprocessor controllers†

Stability aspects of non-linearities introduced by using a microprocessor digital controller in a feedback loop are investigated, using the describing function analysis, and there is no difference between the two types of equipment as far as stability is concerned.

A proposed study to access the impact of microprocessors on health care delivery

It is necessary to make a thorough survey of current and projected microprocessor devices and applications through literature searches, research and manufacturer surveys, a special conference and a workshop, and the results would be incorporated into a report containing the background information and recommendations for further research and development.

Finding all solutions of piecewise‐linear circuits

A new algorithm is given for solving the d.c. piecewise-linear equations of non-linear electronic circuits, which depends crucially on a recent development which allows a multi-dimensional piece wise-linear function to be represented in a closed canonical form.

Selection of microprocessor equipment

A system selection procedure, proposed in a previous paper is implemented in the selection of microprocessor equipment to satisfy specified design criteria. The procedure is composed of stages

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This book is concerned primarily with the digital computer, but before the authors start it is worth describing the characteristics of all three types.

Mathematical Microprocessor Software: A x Comparison

Five algorithms for square root evaluation are compared for use in small systems in the context of large-scale systems.

Generalized Analysis of Network Topology of Computing Systems By Possible Level of Protecting Of Calculating Algorithms

The theoretical assessment of the possibility of a remote attack on a computing system in order to gain access to the algorithms performed on it, regardless of the type of computing device is discussed.

Managing Software Development in Microprocessor Projects

Careful management of firmware development effort and selection of appropriate design tools can improve programmer productivity.



LSI Microprocessors and Microcomputers: A Bibliography Continued

The bibliography below attempts to list most of the books, journal articles, conference papers, and technical reports in English and foreign languages gathered since the publication of the compiler's bibliography on the same topic in Computer, July 1974.

Integrated microprocessors

A discussion on the internal logical structure of a typical microprocessor, the external interface it presents, how its performance parameters may be defined and measured, and some of the properties of systems in which it may be embedded, is presented.

Solid state

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