Special Session 6 Astronomical data management

  title={Special Session 6 Astronomical data management},
  author={Ray P. Norris and Heinz Andernach and Guenther Eichhorn and Françoise Genova and Elizabeth Griffin and Robert J. Hanisch and Ajit K. Kembhavi and Robert C. Kennicutt and Anita M. S. Richards},
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Abstract We present a summary of the major contributions to the Special Session on Astronomical Data Management held at the IAU XXVI General Assembly in Prague in 2006. While recent years have seen enormous improvements in access to astronomical data, and the Virtual Observatory aims to provide astronomers with seamless access to on-line resources, more attention needs to be paid to ensuring the quality and completeness of those resources. For example, data produced by telescopes are not always… Expand
Quality Management in Astronomical Software and Data Systems
Quality-based techniques for the efficient, effective development of new telescope facilities and maintenance of existing facilities are described. Expand
How to Make the Dream Come True: The Astronomers' Data Manifesto
  • R. Norris
  • Physics, Computer Science
  • Data Sci. J.
  • 2007
A "data manifesto" is constructed, which proposes guidelines to maximise the rate and cost-effectiveness of scientific discovery. Expand
Managing Astronomy Research Data: Data Practices in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and Large Synoptic Survey Telescope Projects
Ground-based astronomy sky surveys are massive, decades-long investments in scientific data collection. Stakeholders expect these datasets to retain scientific value well beyond the lifetime of theExpand
Data Vault: providing simple web access to NRAO data archives
Data Vault provides users with a NRAO-focused data archive while linking to and providing more information wherever possible, taking advantage of the rapid development frameworks of web.py and GWT to create a web application on a short timeline. Expand
Atomic data activities by the OP and IP consortia: past, present and new perspectives within the VAMDC
The Opacity Project (OP) and Iron Project (IP) are pioneering international collaborations which have been computing, for more than 25 years, massive atomic data sets for astrophysical applications.Expand
Research data and metadata curation as institutional issues
  • M. Mayernik
  • Computer Science
  • J. Assoc. Inf. Sci. Technol.
  • 2016
This article examines variability in data and metadata practices using “institutions” as the key theoretical concept and outlines 5 categories of institutional carriers for data practices: norms and symbols, intermediaries, routines, standards, and material objects. Expand
Implementación de un repositorio de datos científicos usando DSPACE
El nuevo modelo de e-colaboracion cientifica y e-produccion de conocimiento imponen el registro, catalogacion, preservacion distribuida y analisis de grandes volumenes de datos. El conocimiento queExpand


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