Special Kähler-ricci Potentials and Ricci Solitons

  title={Special Kähler-ricci Potentials and Ricci Solitons},
  • Published 2007
On a manifold of dimension at least six, let (g, τ) be a pair consisting of a Kähler metric g which is locally Kähler irreducible, and a nonconstant smooth function τ . Off the zero set of τ , if the metric ĝ = g/τ is a gradient Ricci soliton which has soliton function 1/τ , we show that ĝ is Kähler with respect to another complex structure, and locally of a type first described by Koiso. Moreover, τ is a special Kähler-Ricci potential, a notion defined in earlier works of Derdzinski and… CONTINUE READING