Special Issue on Networked Embedded Systems


The research articles in this special issue address some of the challenges of on-chip networked embedded systems and low-power distributed wireless embedded systems usually termed as wireless sensor networks. These networked embedded systems have potential for far-reaching societal advancements. High-performance video/audio processing, medical applications, networking services, scientific computing and hybrid computing of various applications require enormous computing capacity which can be realized using multicore embedded systems. Network-on-Chip (NoC) is generic and scalable communication architecture for many core systems. A number of different NoC architectures along with frameworks and tools for high-level exploration of NoC architectures have been proposed during this decade. Also, many NoC architectures have been implemented and evaluated in both FPGA and ASIC platforms. Most of existing approaches either provide exploration and design solutions without taking rapid prototyp-ing into account, or provide rapid prototyping without exploration. There is a need to bridge this gap by developing EDA tool flow which performs high-level exploration, automatic RTL implementations of the interconnection network and rapid prototyping. Technology scaling has brought about dramatic rises in the on-chip power density of modern microprocessors. Higher temperatures or uneven distribution of temperatures result in timing uncertainties which causes performance and reliability problems. Three-dimensional (3D) stacking of chips offers greater device integration as well as flexibility, besides reduced signal delay and interconnect power. However, 3D stacking also exacerbates the on-chip thermal issues and increases packaging and cooling costs. In order to resolve these issues, and avoid high and uneven temperatures, accurate thermal modeling, and analysis, as well as thermal-aware mapping algorithms and placement optimizations are crucial. The number of applications which can take advantage of wireless sensor networks (WSN) is tremendous. More and more applications are

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