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Special Issue on Multimedia Semantic Computing

  title={Special Issue on Multimedia Semantic Computing},
  author={Min Chen and Hongli Luo and Chengcui Zhang},
Recent advances in storage, hardware, information technology, communication and networking have resulted in a large amount of multimedia data, such as image, audio and video. Multimedia data is used in a wide range of applications including entertainment, digital libraries, health care, and distant learning. The volume of multimedia data presents great challenges in data, analysis, indexing, retrieval, distribution and management. Meanwhile, the increasing popularity of mobile device, such as… 

Guest Editors' Introduction

This special issue is to provide yet another forum for the researchers of the top symposium papers to further International Journal of Semantic Computing Vol.

A scenario based approach for dealing with challenges in a pervasive computing environment

This work discusses the aspects of multimedia which makes information access challenging and mathematical techniques that can be used to model uncertainty are presented for developing a system that can sense, compute and communicate in a way that can make human life easy with smart objects assisting from around his surroundings.



Current Multimedia Data Formats and Semantic Computing: A Practical Example and the Challenges for the Future

  • G. Friedland
  • Computer Science
    International Conference on Semantic Computing (ICSC 2007)
  • 2007
This article uses a straightforward example of a system where a pixel-based video stream is superimposed on a vector-based animation to show that the lack of capability to store higher-level semantic information leaves the developers only two choices: Either accept suboptimal quality or design a new non-standard format.

Multimedia Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

A Time-Constrained Sequential Pattern Mining for Extracting Semantic Events in Videos and a Data Mining Approach to Expressive Music Performance Modeling are introduced.

The participation payoff: challenges and opportunities for multimedia access in networked communities

A survey of techniques that make use of a combination of three information sources: community-contributed information (e.g., tags and ratings), network structure and techniques for multimedia content analysis and retrieval is provided.

Semantic Computing

  • P. Sheu
  • Computer Science
    Intelligent Information Processing
  • 2008
Semantic Computing is ideal for industrial managers, researchers, and engineers seeking to design the next generation of computing systems in order to better meet user needs and is recommended as a textbook for senior undergraduate and graduate-level semantic computing courses.

Knowledge Discovery from Community-Contributed Multimedia

This special issue presents a concise reference of state-of-the-art efforts in the attempts for knowledge discovery in large-scale community-contributed multimedia, and in particular the

Introduction to Semantic Multimedia