Speaker Identification System Based on Multi-Classifier


This paper presents a practical speaker recognition system based on multi-classifier structure. Multi-classifier structure overcomes the shortcomings of single classifier, such as low recognition rate, narrow application field and critical demand of environment. Additionally, multi-classifier provides a novel way of improvement of system performance. The involved classifiers include ANN (artificial neural networks), GMM (Gaussian mixed model), sub-band classifiers, etc. The input features of classifiers contain MFCC (mel frequency cepstrum coefficient), LPCC (linear prediction cepstrum coefficient). Multi-classifier confusion adopts CFM (classification figure of merit) principle as object function. In practical application, the recognition rate of the system achieves 94% in environment of super short wave (SNR 15db)

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@article{Wang2006SpeakerIS, title={Speaker Identification System Based on Multi-Classifier}, author={Bo Wang and Yiqiong Xu and Bicheng Li}, journal={2006 6th World Congress on Intelligent Control and Automation}, year={2006}, volume={2}, pages={10384-10387} }