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Spatiotemporal stabilization proof of concept of Broad Area Semiconductor laser sources

  title={Spatiotemporal stabilization proof of concept of Broad Area Semiconductor laser sources},
  author={Judith Medina and Waqas W. Ahmed and S. Kumar and Muriel Botey and Ramon Herrero and Kȩstutis Staliūnas},
  journal={arXiv: Optics},
We provide a numerical proof of concept of a stabilization mechanism for BAS laser sources. The scheme is based on the simultaneous introduction of in-phase two-dimensional modulations on the refractive index and pump (gain). We numerically proof total stabilization in BAS laser sources, both in space and time. We also examine the interplay between the index and gain modulations and the effect of the slow relaxation of carriers on the stabilization performance. 

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