Spatiotemporal organization of simple-cell receptive fields in area 18 of cat’s cortex

  title={Spatiotemporal organization of simple-cell receptive fields in area 18 of cat’s cortex},
  author={Jingjiang Lei and Chaoyi Li},
  journal={Science in China Series C: Life Sciences},
Spatiotemporal structures of receptive-fields (RF) have been studied for simple cells in area 18 of eat by measuring the temporal transfer function (TTF) over different locations (subregions) within the RF. The temporal characteristics of different subregions differed from each other in the absolute phase shift (APS) to visual stimuli. Two types of relationships can be seen: (i)The APS varied continuously from one subregion to the next: (ii) A 180°-phase jump was seen as the stimulus position… CONTINUE READING

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