Spatiotemporal Variation in Survival of Male Yellow-bellied Marmots

  title={Spatiotemporal Variation in Survival of Male Yellow-bellied Marmots},
  author={Natalia Borrego and Arpat Ozgul and Kenneth B. Armitage and Daniel T. Blumstein and Madan K. Oli},
Variation in vital demographic (e.g., survival) rates of males can influence population dynamics, but the male segment of the population is frequently ignored in ecological studies of mammals. Using a multistate capture– mark–recapture model and 44 years (1962–2006) of data from 17 habitat patches, we investigated spatial and temporal variation in age-specific survival rates of male yellow-bellied marmots (Marmota flaviventris) in Colorado. We hypothesized that apparent survival rate of… CONTINUE READING