Spatiotemporal EEG/MEG source analysis based on a parametric noise covariance model

  title={Spatiotemporal EEG/MEG source analysis based on a parametric noise covariance model},
  author={Hilde M. Huizenga and Jan C. de Munck and Lourens J. Waldorp and Raoul P. P. P. Grasman},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering},
A method is described to incorporate the spatiotemporal noise covariance matrix into a spatiotemporal source analysis. The essential feature is that the estimation problem is split into two parts. First, a model is fitted to the observed noise covariance matrix. This model is a Kronecker product of a spatial and a temporal matrix. The spatial matrix models the spatial covariances by a function dependent on sensor distance. The temporal matrix models the temporal covariances as lag dependent. In… CONTINUE READING
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