Spatio-temporal matching algorithms for road networks


In this paper we present a model of spatially located mobile agents and static resources, in which the agents are looking to obtain one of the resources while minimizing their costs to obtain the resource. The proliferation of mobile devices, location-based services and embedded wireless sensors has given rise to applications that could help the mobile agents have updated information of the location of the resources they are looking for. Nevertheless, while engaged in driving, travelers are better suited being guided to an ideal resource, rather than looking at a map and deciding which available resource to visit. Then the question of how an application should choose this ideal resource, to guide the agent towards it, becomes relevant. In this work we develop algorithms that are designed to guide users to these resources. They use a gravitational approach to guide a mobile agent through a road network in order to find this ideal resource. The performance of the algorithms is evaluated through simulations.

DOI: 10.1145/2424321.2424404

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