Spatio-genetic population structure in mustached tamarins, Saguinus mystax.

  title={Spatio-genetic population structure in mustached tamarins, Saguinus mystax.},
  author={Maren Huck and Christian Roos and Eckhard W Heymann},
  journal={American journal of physical anthropology},
  volume={132 4},
Dispersal and philopatry influence gene flow and thus the spatio-genetic structure within and between populations. In callitrichids the flexible social and mating system corresponds with a variable migration pattern where both sexes might be philopatric or might disperse. We investigated the relationship between the spatio-genetic structure and migration patterns in a population of mustached tamarins, Saguinus mystax. Using the rapidly evolving hypervariable region I (HVI) of the mitochondrial… CONTINUE READING

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