Spatial soliton formation in photonic crystal fibers.

  title={Spatial soliton formation in photonic crystal fibers.},
  author={Albert Ferrando and Mario Zacar{\'e}s and Pedro Fern{\'a}ndez de C{\'o}rdoba and Daniele Binosi and Juan A. Monsoriu},
  journal={Optics express},
  volume={11 5},
We demonstrate the existence of spatial soliton solutions in photonic crystal fibers (PCF's). These guided localized nonlinear waves appear as a result of the balance between the linear and nonlinear diffraction properties of the inhomogeneous photonic crystal cladding. The spatial soliton is realized self-consistently as the fundamental mode of the effective fiber defined simultaneously by the PCF linear and the self-induced nonlinear refractive indices. It is also shown that the photonic… CONTINUE READING

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