Spatial scaling between leaf area index maps of different resolutions.

  title={Spatial scaling between leaf area index maps of different resolutions.},
  author={Zhong Jin and Qingjiu Tian and Jing M. Chen and Min Chen},
  journal={Journal of environmental management},
  volume={85 3},
We developed algorithms for spatial scaling of leaf area index (LAI) using sub-pixel information. The study area is located near Liping County, Guizhou Province, in China. Methods for LAI spatial scaling were investigated on LAI images with 960 m resolution derived in two ways. LAI from distributed calculation (LAID) was derived using Landsat ETM+ data (30 m), and LAI from lumped calculation (LAIL) was obtained from the coarse (960 m) resolution data derived through resampling the ETM+ data. We… CONTINUE READING

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