Spatial resolution of anthropogenic heat fluxes into urban aquifers.

  title={Spatial resolution of anthropogenic heat fluxes into urban aquifers.},
  author={Susanne A. Benz and Peter Bayer and Kathrin Menberg and Stephan Jung and Philipp Blum},
  journal={The Science of the total environment},
Urban heat islands in the subsurface contain large quantities of energy in the form of elevated groundwater temperatures caused by anthropogenic heat fluxes (AHFS) into the subsurface. The objective of this study is to quantify these AHFS and the heat flow they generate in two German cities, Karlsruhe and Cologne. Thus, statistical and spatial analytical heat flux models were developed for both cities. The models include the spatial representation of various sources of AHFS: (1) elevated ground… CONTINUE READING

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