Spatial quadratic solitons guided by narrow layers of a nonlinear material

  title={Spatial quadratic solitons guided by narrow layers of a nonlinear material},
  author={Asia Shapira and Noa Voloch-Bloch and Boris A. Malomed and Ady Arie},
  journal={Journal of The Optical Society of America B-optical Physics},
We report analytical solutions for spatial solitons supported by layers of a quadratically nonlinear (χ(2)) material embedded into a linear planar waveguide. A full set of symmetric, asymmetric, and antisymmetric modes pinned to a symmetric pair of the nonlinear layers is obtained. The solutions describe a bifurcation of the subcritical type, which accounts for the transition from the symmetric to asymmetric modes. The antisymmetric states (which do not undergo the bifurcation) are completely… 

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