Spatial patterns of fire occurrence in Catalonia, NE, Spain

  title={Spatial patterns of fire occurrence in Catalonia, NE, Spain},
  author={Ricardo D{\'i}az-Delgado and Francisco Lloret and Xavier Pons},
  journal={Landscape Ecology},
In this paper, we analyse spatial patterns of fire occurrence in Catalonia (NE Spain) during 1975–98. Fire scar maps, discriminated by means of 30–60 m resolution remote sensing imagery, have been used as a source of fire occurrence. We employ several visual or analytical approaches to interpret fire occurrence in this region, such as those of Minnich and Chou (1997), Ricotta et al. (2001) or Krummel et al. (1987). Crucial spatial patterns such as fire size distribution, fire frequency… CONTINUE READING
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