Spatial optical beam steerin with an AlGaAs integrated phased array.

  title={Spatial optical beam steerin with an AlGaAs integrated phased array.},
  author={Francois Vasey and F. K. Reinhart and Romuald Houdr{\'e} and Joseph M Stauffer},
  journal={Applied optics},
  volume={32 18},
A passive spatial light beam deflector based on a channel waveguide phased-array concept is presented. Diffraction gratings patterned by electron-beam lithography couple light into and out of the device. Phasing is achieved electro-optically with indium tin oxide/AlGaAs Shottky junctions. Discrete beam steering is first demonstrated with a 43-element rib waveguide array at an 850-nm wavelength. A sawtooth electrode keeps the device length short and the electrode surface small. Continuous… CONTINUE READING
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