Spatial link between nucleoli and expression of the Zac1 gene

  title={Spatial link between nucleoli and expression of the Zac1 gene},
  author={F{\'e}lix Royo and Nerea Paz and Luis Azpeitia Espinosa and Philip G. McQueen and Luciano Vell{\'o}n and Luis Antonio Parada},
Eukaryotic genomes are highly organized within the cell nucleus. Genome organization not only implies the preferential positioning of genetic elements in the interphase nucleus but also the topographic distribution of biological processes. We have investigated the relationship between spatial organization and genome function in single cells. Myc, c-Met, Igf2r, Asb4, and Zac1 genes have the same radial distribution, but they are not positioned in close proximity with respect to each other. Three… CONTINUE READING

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