Spatial information semantic query based on SPARQL

  title={Spatial information semantic query based on SPARQL},
  author={Zhifeng Xiao and Lei Huang and Xiaofang Zhai},
  booktitle={Other Conferences},
How can the efficiency of spatial information inquiries be enhanced in today's fast-growing information age? We are rich in geospatial data but poor in up-to-date geospatial information and knowledge that are ready to be accessed by public users. This paper adopts an approach for querying spatial semantic by building an Web Ontology language(OWL) format ontology and introducing SPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language(SPARQL) to search spatial semantic relations. It is important to establish… Expand
Hybrid geo-spatial query processing on the semantic web
This thesis demonstrates that structured geo-spatial query, a form of question answering, on DBpedia can be performed with a hybrid query method that exploits quantitative and qualitative spatial properties in combination with a high quality reference geo-dataset that can help to support a full range of geo- Spatial query operators such as proximity, containment and crossing as well as vague directional queries. Expand
Ontology-Based Geographic Data Access in a Peer Data Management System
This work presents an approach and a tool, named easeGO, which provides access to a geographic database using an ontology as a middle layer between the user interface and the data, and allows users to formulate queries using visual elements and spatial operators. Expand
Enabling the geospatial Semantic Web with Parliament and GeoSPARQL
The motivation for GeoSPARQL is described, the current state of the art in industry and research is explained, followed by an example use case, and finally the implementation of GeoSParQL in the Parliament triple store is described. Expand
GeoSPARQL : Enabling a Geospatial Semantic Web
As the amount of Linked Open Data on the web increases, so does the amount of data with an inherent spatial context. Without spatial reasoning, however, the value of this spatial context is limited.Expand
A comprehensive overview of RDF for spatial and spatiotemporal data management
Abstract Currently, a large amount of spatial and spatiotemporal RDF data has been shared and exchanged on the Internet and various applications. Resource Description Framework (RDF) is widelyExpand
Distributed Vector Based Spatial Data Conation Services
A specific database version model is built upon – the multiversion MVBD – which has already been successfully implemented in several geospatial scena rios, being extended here to support multi-focus research. Expand
Ontology Matching Enhanced with Similarity Measures for Georeferenced Datasets


Geospatial Semantic Query by Integrating Geospatial Reasoning on the Geospatial Semantic Web
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This paper implements an approach for querying geosp spatial semantic by integrating spatial reasoning that contributes to the development of geospatial semantic Web and uses semantic approaches in its spatial queries. Expand
Geographic Information Retrieval and Ranking Based on Ontology
This paper builds an ontology-based geographic information inquiry system (OGIIS) that can be performed more precisely and intelligently than traditional ones. Expand
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