Spatial impact of burglar alarms on the decline of residential burglary

  title={Spatial impact of burglar alarms on the decline of residential burglary},
  author={Seungmug Lee and Harry Wilson},
  journal={Security Journal},
Private security could be given a greater role in the crime prevention infrastructure. The growth of private security industry has raised new challenges for researchers and policy-maker over years. Its contribution to crime prevention has been under-utilized, under-researched and underestimated. In particular, the deterrent effect of burglar alarms and their impact on crime have not been adequately researched. The data of residential burglary incidents and residential burglar alarm permit… 
Crime Reduction Strategies of Florida Sheriff's Offices Related to Residential Burglaries
Crime Reduction Strategies of Florida Sheriff’s Offices Related to Residential Burglaries by Jack Armstrong MA, Troy State University, 1995 BS, St. Leo University, 1993 Dissertation Submitted in
Forty years of declining burglary in the United States: Explanation and evidence relating to the security hypothesis
Residential burglary in the United States has declined by over 80% across the last four decades, representing a major social phenomenon that remains largely unexplained. International research
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This article investigates the effects of target characteristics on non-residential burglary sighting risks, and evaluates a sighting model framed by criminal event theories. It is based on a random
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Intrusion detection systems were once the domain of governments and high-value commercial premises (Gilbertson, 2005: 499). However, over time these systems have become a protection norm in both
An Efficient System for Human Detection Using PIR Sensor and Mobile Technology
The system presented in this chapter, based on human (and/or animal) detection using passive infrared radial (PIR) sensor and mobile technology, is a cost-effective security solution to those who cannot afford large investments in their personal and property safety.
Decision Analysis on Sustainable Value: Comparison of the London and Taiwan Markets for Product Integration of Family Security Services and Residential Fire Insurance
This paper explores a decision analysis on product integration of family security services and residential fire insurance in the London and Taiwan markets by using the proposed mathematical models


Have Changes in Policing Reduced Violent Crime? An Assessment of the Evidence
The police do not prevent crime. This is one of the best kept secrets of modern life. Experts know it, the police know it, but the public does not know it. Yet the police pretend that they are
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This article examines the argument that crime prevention programs which stress opportunity reduction or increased risk to offenders are without value because they merely displace crime—that is, shift
Preoccupation with the threat of displacement has led crime prevention researchers to overlook the phenomenon of "diffusion of benefits," the unexpected reduction of crimes not directly targeted by
Crime Control Through Private Enterprise
——————✦—————— srael Kirzner (1997, 62) explains that entrepreneurial discovery of opportunities gradually and systematically pushes back the boundaries of ignorance, thereby driving down costs
Fairness and effectiveness in policing : the evidence
Because police are the most visible face of government power for most citizens, they are expected to deal effectively with crime and disorder and to be impartial. Producing justice through the fair,
The efficacy of home security measures
Tests the efficacy of home security measures for burglary victims and nonvictims employed in Mobile County, Alabama found some, but not all, of these security measures to be quite effective.
On the accuracy of TIGER-type geocoded address data in relation to cadastral and census areal units
  • J. Ratcliffe
  • Environmental Science
    Int. J. Geogr. Inf. Sci.
  • 2001
Results from a study of over 20 000 addresses in Sydney, Australia, using a TIGER-type geocoding process suggest that 5-7.5% of addresses may be misallocated to census tracts, and more than 50% may be given coordinates within the land parcel of a different property.
The Great American Crime Decline
PART I WHAT HAPPENED IN THE 1990S? 1. The Size and Character of the Crime Decline 2. The Environment for Optimism: Crime Trends and Attitudes about the Effectiveness of Crime Policies PART II THE
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1 Introduction - evaluation for crime prevention theory (Nick Tilley) 2 Anticipated consequences: developing a strategy for the targeted management of displacement and diffusion of benefits (Niall
The City That Became Safe: New York's Lessons for Urban Crime and Its Control
Foreward Preface Part I: Anatomy of a Crime Decline Chapter 1: The Crime Decline - Some Vital Statistics Chapter 2: A Safe City Now? Part II: In Search of the New York Difference Chapter 3: