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Spatial heterogeneity of air pollution statistics

  title={Spatial heterogeneity of air pollution statistics},
  author={Hankun He and Benjamin Schafer and Christian Beck},
Hankun He,1 Benjamin Schäfer,1, 2, 3, ∗ and Christian Beck1, 4, ∗ School of Mathematical Sciences, Queen Mary University of London, London E1 4NS, United Kingdom Institute for Automation and Applied Informatics, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, 76344 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen, Germany Faculty of Science and Technology, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, 1432 Ås, Norway The Alan Turing Institute, London NW1 2DB, United Kingdom 

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Superstatistical approach to air pollution statistics

Air pollution by Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) is a major concern in large cities as it has severe adverse health effects. However, the statistical properties of air pollutants are not fully understood.

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This paper analyses in detail the features offered by a function which is practically new to Urban Economics, the q-exponential, in describing city size distributions. We highlight two contributions.

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Comparisons of Statistical Characteristic of Air Pollutants in Taiwan by Frequency Distribution

  • Hsin-Chung Lu
  • Environmental Science
    Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association
  • 2003
The results show that the frequency distributions of PM10 concentration at the Hsin-Chu and Shalu stations are unimodal, but the distribution at Gain-Jin is bimodal; and the days exceeding the air quality standard (AQS) for the H sin-chu, Shalu, and Gain-jin stations in the coming year are successfully predicted by the theoretic distributions.

Generalized entropies and the transformation group of superstatistics

Superstatistics describes statistical systems that behave like superpositions of different inverse temperatures β, so that the probability distribution is , where the “kernel” f(β) is nonnegative and

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This work describes how to proceed from a given experimental time series to a superstatistical description and illustrates the approach by applying it to velocity time series measured in turbulent Taylor-Couette flow, which is well described by log-normal superstatistics and exhibits clear time scale separation.

Statistics of three-dimensional lagrangian turbulence.

  • C. Beck
  • Physics
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  • 2007
A superstatistical model for a Lagrangian tracer particle in a high-Reynolds-number turbulent flow that correctly predicts the shape of acceleration probability densities, correlation functions, statistical dependencies between components, and explains the fact that enstrophy lags behind dissipation.