Spatial heterogeneity in a grassland community: Use of power law

  title={Spatial heterogeneity in a grassland community: Use of power law},
  author={Masae Shiyomi and Shigeo Takahashi and Jin Yoshimura and Taisuke Yasuda and Michio Tsutsumi and Mikinori Tsuiki and Yoshimichi Hori},
  journal={Ecological Research},
A new regression analysis was proposed to evaluate the degree of spatial heterogeneity for individual species comprising a plant grassland community. The weighted average of the heterogeneity value of all the species comprising the community provides a measure of community-level heterogeneity. A field survey was carried out, as an example, in order to analyze the spatial heterogeneity of a pasture with grazing cows, using 100 quadrats 50 cm × 50 cm, each of which was divided into four smaller… CONTINUE READING

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