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Spatial dynamics of flower organ formation

  title={Spatial dynamics of flower organ formation},
  author={Yuriria Cortes Poza and Pablo Padilla Longoria and Elena Roces de Alvarez Buylla},
  journal={arXiv: Tissues and Organs},
Understanding the emergence of biological structures and their changes is a complex problem. On a biochemical level, it is based on gene regulatory networks (GRN) consisting on interactions between the genes responsible for cell differentiation and coupled in a greater scale with external factors. In this work we provide a systematic methodological framework to construct Waddington's epigenetic landscape of the GRN involved in cellular determination during the early stages of development of… 


Floral Morphogenesis: Stochastic Explorations of a Gene Network Epigenetic Landscape
This model provides a novel explanation for the emergence and robustness of the ubiquitous temporal pattern of floral organ specification and constitutes a new approach to understanding morphogenesis, providing predictions on the population dynamics of cells with different genetic configurations during development.