Spatial distribution of nuclei in progressive nucleation: Modeling and application

  title={Spatial distribution of nuclei in progressive nucleation: Modeling and application},
  author={Massimo Tomellini},
  journal={Physica A-statistical Mechanics and Its Applications},
  • M. Tomellini
  • Published 10 November 2017
  • Physics
  • Physica A-statistical Mechanics and Its Applications

Kinetics of phase transformations with heterogeneous correlated-nucleation

  • M. TomelliniS. Politi
  • Physics, Materials Science
    Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications
  • 2019

Kinetics of island growth in the framework of “planar diffusion zones” and “3D nucleation and growth” models for electrodeposition

In the electrochemical deposition of thin films, the measurement of the current-time curve does not allow for a direct determination of the nucleus growth law, electrode surface coverage, and mean

Kinetics of the Surface-Nucleated Transformation of Spherical Particles and New Model for Grain-Boundary Nucleated Transformations

Equations for the transformed volume fraction of a spherical particle with nucleation on its surface, both nonisothermal and isothermal, are derived in the framework of Kolmogorov method adapted for

Kinetics of Grain-Boundary Nucleated Transformations in Rectangular Geometries and One Paradox Relating to Cahn's Model

It was found by Jagle and Mittenmeijer [Acta Mater. 59 (2011) 5775-5786] as a result of computer simulation that Cahn's equation underestimates pronouncedly the transformed fraction in reality. To

Using GISAXS to detect correlations between the locations of gold particles electrodeposited from aqueous solution.

GISAXS is able to reveal spatial correlations within deposited particles which are not easily detectable by microscopy, and is shown to be compatible with classical description of the deposition process.

Switching current of the domain ensemble with serrated charged walls

Abstract The time dependence of the switching current induced by the evolution of the statistical ensemble of cone-like domains in uniaxial ferroelectric is analyzed within modified



Kinetics of Transformation for a Model with the Diffusion Law of Growth of New-Phase Particles Nucleated on Active Centers

A geometrical–probabilistic model according to which particles of a new phase nucleate on active centers and grow by the diffusion law is considered. The upper and lower bounds of the untransformed

On calculation of the transformation kinetics for models with the diffusional law of growth of new-phase precipitates

A method of calculation of the transformation kinetics for the geometric probability model with continuous nucleation and diffusional growth of new-phase precipitates is described. Previously, this

Temporal evolution of the domain structure in a Poisson–Voronoi transformation

The temporal evolution of the domain size and free boundary distributions is calculated for a Poisson–Voronoi transformation. In this kind of transformation a set of randomly distributed domain seeds