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Spatial dependence of quantum friction amplitudes in a scalar model

  title={Spatial dependence of quantum friction amplitudes in a scalar model},
  author={Aitor Fern'andez and C. D. Fosco},
We study the spatial dependence of the quantum friction effect for an atom moving at a constant velocity, in a parallel direction to a material plane. In particular, we determine the probability per unit time and unit area, for exciting degrees of freedom on the plane, as a function of their position, for a given trajectory of the atom. We also show that the result of integrating out the probability density agrees with previous results for the same system. 

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Universe 7

  • no.5, 158
  • 2021

Math . Phys . ( N . Y . ) 2 , 407 ( 1961 ) ; L . V . Keldysh , Zh . Eksp . Teor . Fiz . 47 , 1515 ( 1965 ) [ Sov

  • Nonequilibriium Quantum Field Theory