Spatial avoidance of invading pastoral cattle by wild ungulates: insights from using point process statistics

  title={Spatial avoidance of invading pastoral cattle by wild ungulates: insights from using point process statistics},
  author={Fabrice Hibert and Cl{\'e}ment Calenge and Herv{\'e} Fritz and Daniel Maillard and Philippe Bouch{\'e} and Audrey Ipavec and Arnaud Convers and Dominique Ombredane and Marie-No{\"e}l de Visscher},
  journal={Biodiversity and Conservation},
Traditional rangelands in many developing countries are currently being encroached by cultivation, driving some herders to illegally use protected areas for grazing their cattle. Since cattle are an exotic species in these ecosystems, they might have an impact on the local wild herbivore communities, notably through competition. We used point pattern statistics to characterise the spatial relationships between wild ungulate species and cattle herds within a protected area in west Africa… CONTINUE READING


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