Spatial and temporal patterns of nitrogen deposition in China: Synthesis of observational data

  title={Spatial and temporal patterns of nitrogen deposition in China: Synthesis of observational data},
  author={Chaoqun Lu and H. Tian},
  journal={Journal of Geophysical Research},
  • Chaoqun Lu, H. Tian
  • Published 2007
  • Environmental Science
  • Journal of Geophysical Research
[1] Anthropogenic nitrous pollutant emissions in China significantly increased during the last decades, which contributed to the accelerated nitrogen ( N) deposition. In order to characterize spatial pattern of nitrogen deposition, we employed the kriging technique to interpolate sampling data of precipitation chemistry and ambient air concentration from site-network observations over China. The estimation of wet deposition in China was limited to aqueous NO(3)(-) and NH(4)(+), while ambient NO… Expand
Spatial–temporal patterns of inorganic nitrogen air concentrations and deposition in eastern China
Abstract. Five-year (2011–2015) measurements of gaseous NH3, NO2, and HNO3 and particulate NH4+ and NO3− in air and/or precipitation were conducted at 27 sites in the Nationwide Nitrogen DepositionExpand
Assessment of the Evolution of Nitrate Deposition Using Remote Sensing Data Over the Yangtze River Delta, China
  • M. Cheng, Z. Guo, +6 authors Fan Meng
  • Computer Science, Environmental Science
  • IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing
  • 2016
It is necessary to consider both dry and wet deposition when evaluating the influences of nitrate deposition on environment and ecosystem health, which indicates the relative importance of dry deposition to the total nitrates deposition in the YRD region. Expand
High Rates of Wet Nitrogen Deposition in China: A Synthesis
Anthropogenic reactive nitrogen emissions (especially NH 3 and NO x ) have been increasing rapidly since the late 1970s in China and may lead to increased atmospheric input of reactive nitrogen toExpand
Quantifying atmospheric nitrogen deposition through a nationwide monitoring network across China
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Atmospheric nitrogen deposition in the Loess area of China
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Regional nitrate deposition inferred from ground-and space-based measurements
Spatial and temporal nitrate deposition fluxes were assessed using satellite data in the Yangtze River Delta (YRD) from 1996 to 2011. Our study reveals significant spatial variations of nitrateExpand
Atmospheric organic nitrogen deposition: analysis of nationwide data and a case study in Northeast China.
Overall, in Northeast China, DON deposition could exert important roles in agro-ecosystem nutrient management and carbon sequestration of natural ecosystems; nationally, it was suggested to found rational network for monitoring DON deposition. Expand
Wet and dry deposition of atmospheric nitrogen at ten sites in Northern China
Abstract. Emissions of reactive nitrogen (N) species can affect surrounding ecosystems via atmospheric deposition. However, few long-term and multi-site measurements have focused on both the wet andExpand
Estimating NO2 dry deposition using satellite data in eastern China
The spatial and temporal characters of ground-level NO2 concentration over eastern China were retrieved from the monthly averaged tropospheric NO2 column densities from Global Ozone MonitoringExpand


Spatial distribution of wet deposition of nitrogen in South Korea
Abstract A method is developed to estimate wet deposition of nitrogen in a 11×14 km (0.125°Lon.×0.125°Lat.) grid scale using the precipitation chemistry monitored data at 10 sites scattered overExpand
Nitrogen and sulfur deposition on regional and global scales:a multimodel evaluation
We use 23 atmospheric chemistry transport models to calculate current and future (2030) deposition of reactive nitrogen (NOy, NHx) and sulfate (SOx) to land and ocean surfaces. The models are drivenExpand
Variations in the predicted spatial distribution of atmospheric nitrogen deposition and their impact on carbon uptake by terrestrial ecosystems
Widespread mobilization of nitrogen into the atmosphere from industry, agriculture, and biomass burning and its subsequent deposition have the potential to alleviate nitrogen limitation ofExpand
Assessing future nitrogen deposition and carbon cycle feedback using a multimodel approach: Analysis of nitrogen deposition
n this study, we present the results of nitrogen deposition on land from a set of 29 simulations from six different tropospheric chemistry models pertaining to present-day and 2100 conditions.Expand
Simulated global distribution and deposition of reactive nitrogen emitted by fossil fuel combustion
We use the medium resolution (- 265 km horizontal grid) GFDL general circulation transport model to simulate the global spread and deposition of reactive nitrogen emitted by fossil fuel combustion.Expand
The documented acceleration of NH3 and NOx (NO NO2) emissions over the last 150 years has accelerated N deposition, compromising air and water quality and altering the functioning of terrestrial andExpand
Contemporary and pre-industrial global reactive nitrogen budgets
Increases and expansion of anthropogenic emissions of both oxidized nitrogen compounds, NOx, and a reduced nitrogen compound, NH3, have driven an increase in nitrogen deposition. We estimate globalExpand
Acid rain and acidification in China: the importance of base cation deposition.
The dynamic soil acidification model MAGIC is applied with data from two sites receiving high deposition loads in southwest China, and predictions indicate that considerable soil acidisation has been going on for the last decades due to acid deposition inputs. Expand
Spatial and Temporal Patterns in Terrestrial Carbon Storage Due to Deposition of Fossil Fuel Nitrogen
A modeled estimate of terrestrial carbon storage arising from deposition of nitrogen derived from fossil fuels that accounts for spatial distributions in deposition and vegetation types, turnover of plant and soil carbon pools, and the cumulative effects of deposition is described. Expand
Transfer of reactive nitrogen in Asia: development and evaluation of a source-receptor model
Abstract A simple model of chemistry and transport, ATMOS-N, has been developed to calculate source–receptor relationships for reactive nitrogen species within Asia. The model is intended to supportExpand