Spatial and seasonal distribution of intertidal macrobenthos with their biomass and functional feeding guilds in the Naf River estuary, Bangladesh

  title={Spatial and seasonal distribution of intertidal macrobenthos with their biomass and functional feeding guilds in the Naf River estuary, Bangladesh},
  author={Md. Abu Noman and Rashid Md. Mamunur and M. Shahanul Islam and M. Bellal Hossain},
  journal={Journal of Oceanology and Limnology},
The Naf River estuary is one of the most productive ecological ecosystems in Bangladesh providing an important feeding area for fishes and other aquatic animals. However, detailed information on macrobenthic communities is rarely available in this area. Our study focused on the seasonal and spatial variability of macrobenthic community structure with their biomass and functional guilds. In total, forty-seven taxa were identified under nine major groups and seven functional feeding guilds. Among… Expand

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