Spatial Narratives in Art

  title={Spatial Narratives in Art},
  author={Simona Lodi},
  booktitle={Augmented Reality Art},
  • S. Lodi
  • Published in Augmented Reality Art 2014
  • Art
The text analyzes the work of artists who use augmentation, information and immersion in specific contexts—public or private spaces. The aim of the analysis is to understand socio-cultural transformations in the fields of art and technology in social space and what new forms of aggregation and participation have developed, providing an opportunity to reflect on new concepts of democracy that are emerging in our global media age. The question underlying the study is how do artists who use… 
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  • N. Liberati
  • Philosophy
    2015 IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality - Media, Art, Social Science, Humanities and Design
  • 2015
This work will analyse intersubjectivity from a phenomenological point of view using the works by Husserl and Schutz to understand how the in-tersubjective world is constituted by highlighting its constitutive elements.


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