Spatial Electron Density Distribution of Chlorine Atoms in Molecules of the Series 4-XC6H

  • Valentin P. Feshin, Yurii E. Sapozhnikov, Vasilii V. Shchepin, Irina Yu, Gennadii B. Soifer
  • Published 2013


The 35C1 NQR frequencies and EFG asymmetry parameters at the 35C1 nuclei have been mea­ sured for compounds of the series 4-XC6H 4MCCl2C (0)C 6H 5 (M = S and Se, X = H and C H 3) at 77 K. The electron distribution at the Cl atoms in all the compounds studied differs from axial symmetry, and is unequal for the two Cl atoms of the CC12 group. The results of… (More)


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