Spatial Distribution of DARPP-32 in Dendritic Spines

  title={Spatial Distribution of DARPP-32 in Dendritic Spines},
  author={Hans Blom and Daniel R{\"o}nnlund and Lena Scott and Linda Westin and Jerker Widengren and Anita C. Aperia and Hjalmar Brismar},
  booktitle={PloS one},
The phosphoprotein DARPP-32 (dopamine and cyclic adenosine 3´, 5´-monophosphate-regulated phosphoprotein, 32 kDa) is an important component in the molecular regulation of postsynaptic signaling in neostriatum. Despite the importance of this phosphoprotein, there is as yet little known about the nanoscale distribution of DARPP-32. In this study we applied superresolution stimulated emission depletion microscopy (STED) to assess the expression and distribution of DARPP-32 in striatal neurons… CONTINUE READING