Spatial Data Warehouse Modelling


This chapter is concerned with multidimensional data models for spatial data warehouses. Over the last few years different approaches have been proposed in the literature for modelling multidimensional data with geometric extent. Nevertheless, the definition of a comprehensive and formal data model is still a major research issue. The main contributions of the chapter are twofold: first, it draws a picture of the research area; second it introduces a novel spatial multidimensional data model for spatial objects with geometry (MuSD Multigranular Spatial Data warehouse). MuSD complies with current standards for spatial data modelling, augmented by data warehousing concepts such as spatial fact, spatial dimension and spatial measure. The novelty of the model is the representation of spatial measures at multiple levels of geometric granularity. Besides the representation concepts, the model includes a set of OLAP operators supporting the navigation across dimension and measure levels.

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