Spatial Coherence of High Power VCSEL Triangular-array

  title={Spatial Coherence of High Power VCSEL Triangular-array},
  author={贾. J. Peng and 秦. Q. Li and 张. Z. Xing and 韩振伟 Han Zhenwei and 李秀山 Li Xiu-shan and 陈泳屹 Chen Yong-yi and 宁永强 Ning Yong-qiang and 王立军 Wang Li-jun},
  journal={Chinese Journal of Luminescence},
The spatial coherence properties of high power vertical cavity surface emitting lasers( VCSELs) triangle-arrays were studied based on the theorem of Hermitian-Gaussian beams and spatial coherence. The far-field divergence angle and spatial coherence degree were gauged using the second-moment method and spatial coherence degree integral average value method for the devices of980 nm wavelength VCSEL arrays. The influence of array-units distance on far-field characteristics and coherent… Expand